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 Huiles essentielles  Cas de comptoir généraux

Essential oils

General over-the-counter consultations
2 days

Alongside “Aromatherapy from pharmacies, part one”, this is our second most popular course.

It’s aimed at all those who want to be able to give patients or customers practical tips and/or prescription advice. Intensive training in how to advise about EOs

  • 70 detailed over-the-counter cases
  • How to give advice about 11 topics: winter illnesses, skin problems, rheumatology, digestion, circulatory disorders, parasitology, stress & sleep, etc.
  • 11 toolkits including the best essential oils for each ailment
  • Best remedies & recipes  for osteoarthritis, eczema, flu, stress & sleep, beauty, etc.
  • Essential oil legislation: EOs reserved for pharmacy use, prescription-only EOs
  • Safety information about EOs: side effects, contraindications, drug interactions, recommended minimum age, EOs presenting a risk
  • The 4 fundamental rules of safety

About us

Essential oil training for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and all healthcare professionals.

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