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Essential Oils

Veterinary aromatherapy
2 days

The aim is to learn how to use EOs with animals (cats, dogs, and horses, but also pigs, rabbits, cows, chickens, and rodents).

  • Animals: revision of basic physiology
  • Essential oils for animals: biochemical families, essential oil categories
  • Which essential oils can be used for cats, dogs, horses but also pigs, rabbits, cows, chickens, and rodents
  • Doses, dilution & method of administration for each type of animal
  • How to use essential oils and which ones to avoid
  • Veterinary ailments by category: oral & dental, digestive, urinary, respiratory, dermatitis, parasites, mobility, behavior.
  • Practical cases & toolboxes
  • Regulations, precautions for use, essential-oil based medication

About us

Essential oil training for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and all healthcare professionals.

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    97425 Les Avirons – Reunion Island
    Digital unit: 15 Route de Manom
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